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November 2, 2011 Remembering Steve Jobs

I've been an Apple user my entire life. My house has always had Macs, in fact (and my mom may correct me later on this) my first Apple memory was using her Macintosh II, playing around with the Kid Pix software. As I grew up, so did our computers, and in high school I was able to purchase a refurbished G3 iMac from the Apple Store in the Palisades Mall. The fan was so loud on that computer that my mom could tell if I was up too late even if my door was closed, but I loved that machine. It was my first Mac, and I had paid for it all by myself. I love my Apple products, from my iPhone, to the newest addition, my MacBook Air. Apple products make doing my job easier and feel less like work - and I can only hope that Apple continues