About Me

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Why do I photograph weddings?

I love taking pictures. Whether it’s my cat and dog (Molly and Gizmo), my friends and family, or just taking pictures of places I go, I’m rarely without a camera in my hands (or at least hanging from my shoulders). Most pictures you’ll see of me look like what you see here – my eye to the camera and though you can’t see it here, a smile on my face.

I’m also a romantic, which made the decision to photograph weddings that much simpler for me. There are few things in life that bring me more joy than capturing a couple in love. Whether it’s the first time he sees you in your dress, the moment you say “I do,” or your friends and family all together to celebrate your love, your special day offers an opportunity for memories you will cherish for the rest of your life. It’s such an honor to be entrusted to capture these once in a lifetime moments, and to share in your joyous event.

You can check out some of my favorite images in my portfolio and see some of my latest images (including weddings, portraits, and other fantastic events and adventures) on my blog!