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Last month, I had the opportunity to shoot with the fabulous Erum Rizvi, and work with an amazing couple. Sam and Alex got married last year, but never got to do their engagement session beforehand, so we took advantage of some great spring lighting, took a stroll down a path in the woods, and captured some wonderful images of the gorgeous couple! I'll let the images speak for themselves - click any image below to see some of my favorites!

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of getting up and exploring the Jefferson Memorial and the Tidal Basin area. They brought along their camera and we all got to play around with the beautiful blossoms. Although the cherry blossoms were all but gone at that point, there were plenty of other trees just hitting their peak, and the crowds weren't too bad as a result. A beautiful couple, a wonderful morning, and some great pictures to remember the day by. Many thanks to Megan and Jordan for being so flexible and patient throughout the morning, and letting me capture some wonderful shots of the happy couple! Click any of the images to view the full gallery!  

I love the fall. The crisp breeze, the beautiful colors, and pretty much anything that has apples in it. So going out to pick apples at Stribling Orchards with Hilary and Sarah was a great way to spend an absolutely gorgeous fall Saturday. We picked our fair share of apples - 25+ pounds... which, just two weeks later, are all but gone - and I took advantage of the beautiful location and company to take a few shots. Take a look, I hope you like the results as much as I do! Click the image below to see the full gallery.